SUI Swiss abbreviation.

Why is Switzerland Abbreviated SUI?

I love Switzerland, as you most probably know if you have been to my site before, but there are many things about this little country that can confuse people.

From the Swiss acronym or the SUI abbreviation for Switzerland to the languages spoken ( yes, there are four official languages) to the accents and the confusion people have between Switzerland & Sweden! (These are totally different countries and people).

However, whether you saw SUI on an Olympic uniform or a national ice hockey jersey, let’s look at the meaning and how the sui country code came about.

Why is Switzerland Abbreviated SUI?
Roger Federer, an absolute gentleman and one of Switzerland’s greatest athletes ever.

SUI or Switzerland Are They The Same?

SUI does stand for Switzerland, the country, the Swiss territory, not Sweden, the country. It is an acronym for Switzerland, period.

It is one of the shortened or abbreviated terms for the country. In fact, it is the equivalent of U.S or USA when abbreviating The United States of America, for example.

Where did SUI Come From?

SUI is actually the shortened version of the French pronunciation of the country, which is “Suisse”. Why do you ask?

Great question.

French is one of the official languages of Switzerland, but is not the dominant or majority language; that is German. However, French comes in second place, spoken in such Swiss cities as Geneva and Basel.

See, the thing is, SUI confuses people, which is how we got here discussing it.

But if you drill down a little further to the Olympics, it kind of makes sense why the Swiss chose Suisse to abbreviate.


The International Olympic Committee is based in Lausanne, a French-speaking region of Switzerland.

Let’s look into the pronunciation of it.

How Do You Pronounce SUI?

You can pronounce this as “Swiss”, read it as it sounds, or actually read it as it reads!

It is simple. Sure, the Swiss-French will say it with a little accent, but people will understand you perfectly pronouncing it as it sounds.

What are the other ways to refer to Switzerland?

What Are The SUI Alternatives?

As I mentioned SUI is the abbreviated version of Suisse, so let’s look at how the other official languages refer to the country as these will pop up too.

Note: English is not an official language, but it is widely spoken and understood throughout the country, and in English, you refer to Switzerland or the citizens as “Swiss,” as I’ve been doing in this article.

Table of Swiss Languages & How They Refer to “Switzerland”

Official Swiss LanguageSwitzerland ReferencePronunciation

Nice work, as you will have seen above. The “w” changes to a “v” across the board in the languages above. Also, remember that your pronunciation doesn’t have to be perfect; just give it a go.

Ok, there’s one last abbreviation or Switzerland that pops up again and again, especially on the back of cars in the country.

It is “CH”

Suisse Chocolate is the best in the world.

What Does CH Stand For In Switzerland? It’s on Cars & Websites!

As I previously mentioned, Switzerland is a small, beautiful, but sometimes confusing country, well from an English speakers point of view that is!

You will see CH at the end of a national web address such as the Swiss Government website or the Rolex website

CH stands for the Latin words “Confoederatio Helvetica,” which means “Swiss Confederation”

If you have been driving around Switzerland or Europe, you would have seen this “CH” sticker, so what does it mean and why is it there?

So Why Are The CH Bumper Stickers so Popular?

Well, it is actually a legal requirement.

The “CH” sticker (seen below) must be placed on a Swiss vehicle before entering into another country.

It is a law called the 1968 convention of road traffic and applies to Swiss and all European plates.

See the thing it, most other countries, such as France (FR), Germany (GE), and Italy (IT), all have their initials built into their number plates.

The Swiss do not.

Hence you will see the “CH” sticker, both small and large, placed on the back of Swiss vehicles that travel internationally.

Often they will have been placed on an angle or the sticker is creased or bubbly, maybe that’s just my OCD, but I couldn’t drive around like that!

CH Swiss bumper sticker.

But, what about CHF? What does that mean?

What is CHF in Switzerland?

I am sure you’ve seen CHF around; this actually refers to the Swiss currency, otherwise known as the Swiss Franc.

In the country, the letters “Fr” will also be seen to represent the Swiss Franc too.

Why Does the Swiss Flag Have a White Cross on Red?

Another thing that definitely makes the Swiss stand out, whether in the Olympics or Car racing, is the country’s flag.

The flag of Switzerland, as seen below

Flag of Switzerland.
Swiss flag or Flag of Switzerland in front The Alps.

Let’s Wrap it Up

I hope I have answered your question, and you know now that if you see SUI on a sports jersey, you can know for sure that it is Team Switzerland!

I also hope you have learned a little more about this amazing country; if you haven’t been to Switzerland, you must go any time of the year, in fact, not just winter!

Spring, Summer for walks and swims, or Winter and Fall for amazing ski slopes and life-changing hot chocolate.

Check out my article Top 10 Things That Switzerland is Known For; it will give you a great little overview of the country.

Also, if you are planning on travelling through the country, make sure to look into a Swiss Travel Pass, it will save you a lot of money.

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