Lake Blausee Switzerland: Destination Guide & Photos

Lake Blausee Switzerland: Destination Guide & Photos

Nestled in the heart of the Bernese Oberland region, Lake Blausee is one of Switzerland’s hidden gems. Well, I should correct myself here. Lake Blausee is among the many hidden gems of Switzerland!

Thanks to its strikingly unique blue color crystal-clear waters, which originate from subterranean springs, Lake Blausee has gained recognition as one of the best-known mountain lakes in Switzerland.

Lake Blausee literally means “Blue Lake,” and it’s named this rightly so; the aesthetically appealing color is due to only the blue part of the light spectrum being absorbed by the lake. Surrounded by lush forests and “I can’t believe they’re real” mountains, Lake Blausee is like that show-off sibling with all the good genes.

Lake Blausee Switzerland

You can visit beautiful Lake Blausee in Summer or Winter, but ideally, the amazing colors come alive in this blue lake in the warmer months when the sun shines, birds are chirping, and everything looks like real-life Instagram filters.

But don’t get me wrong, if you are there in the winter months, it is still absolutely magical and worth a visit!

So, where is this magical lake in Switzerland? And is Lake Blausee really worth visiting?

Where is Lake Blausee & How To Get There

Lake Blausee is located in a small nature park called Balusee Naturpark in the Kander Valley, Bernese Oberland, which is basically the highest part of the canton (state) of Bern.

The picturesque Lauterbrunnen town in Bernese Oberland

The Blausee Nature Park spans over 20 hectares, boasting a stunning landscape shaped by a historic rockslide that created the turquoise-blue lake you’ll fall in love with the instant you see it.

You can see from the map below that Lake Blausee is not far from to city of Bern and basically halfway between Zurich and Geneva. The map gives you an idea of the driving routes to get there, but from a scenic point of view, wherever you are coming from, I recommend the train.

A map highlighting routes to Lake Blausee Switzerland

The train trips from all cities in Switzerland to visit Lake Blauseee are beautiful. Let’s touch on transport options and times so you can visit Blausee!

How to Get to Lake Blausee From Zurich?

From Zurich you have two options, train or car:

  • Train/Bus: Shortest route 2h 15m, check the Swiss Train times here.
  • Car: 1:56min, an easy, straightforward drive.
Zurich to Lake Blausee directions

How to Get to Lake Blausee From Geneva?

From Geneva, like Zurich, you have two clear options, although both take a little longer.

  • Train/Bus/Wal: Shortest route 3h 5m.
  • Car: 2h 33m
Geneva to Lake Blausee directions

How to Get to Lake Blausee From Bern?

To visit Lake Blausee from Bern, you are in for a treat, it is not far away and you will be able to visit this turquoise blue lake in no time.

In fact, it is the perfect day trip to do, if you are in Bern for the day and have no plans.

  • Train/Bus: Shortest route 1 h 8 min
  • Car: 49min
Berne to Lake Blausee, how to get there.

So, as you can see from the above, if you’re in Bern and would like to visit Lake Blausee, it is only about an hour or less away and is super convenient.

Public Transport

Lake Blausee is well-connected by public transportation. Several bus services run frequent schedules to the lake from various towns and cities in the Bernese Oberland, making it easier for visitors to reach this natural wonder.

Regular trains also serve the nearby Frutigen and Kandersteg railway stations, from where buses or taxis can take visitors to Blausee.


For those who prefer driving, Lake Blausee has ample parking facilities available for visitors. All routes offer stunning views of the surrounding valleys and alpine landscape, making the drive an enjoyable experience in itself.

What to Expect from Lake Blausee?

Now that you’re totally sold on Lake Blausee (I mean, who wouldn’t be?), you’re probably wondering how to soak in all that magical forest solitude, crystal-clear body of water, and sheer awesomeness.

Well, the array of activities there is as abundant as the nature surrounding you.

So, strap on those hiking boots, joggers or whatever is comfrotbale and let’s dive into nature’s emerald embrace at Lake Blausee!


Lake Blausee offers beautiful hiking trails for visitors of all levels. Not in the mood for some exercise? Prefer the more relaxed viewing?

You can just take a leisurely stroll around the lake, which takes approximately 15 minutes and allows you to enjoy the beauty from various angles.

You’ll also find a variety of walking paths that take you through lush forests and along the shores of the crystal-clear lake. These pine forest trails allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the park’s natural beauty and ever-changing scenery, whether during a gentle stroll or a more challenging hike.

And no matter the path you choose, you’ll be blown away by the beauty all around. Also, among the trees and moss-covered rocks, you’ll find iconic species native to the Adelboden region, adding to the park’s charm.

Autumn time at Lake Balusee


The lake’s maximum depth is approximately 12 meters, making it suitable for various water activities, including swimming and boat rides.

Diving enthusiasts can explore the crystal-clear waters of Lake Blausee and see for themselves why it is considered one of the clearest lakes in Switzerland. The lake’s high visibility and unique underwater landscape make it an ideal spot for diving. Watch this video to get a better idea of it:

However, it is important to note that amateur divers should be accompanied by experienced guides, as the lake’s depth and underwater rock formations can prove challenging for the inexperienced.

Diving is available in winter, and more info about it can be found here

Boat Trips

A highlight of any visit to Lake Blausee is the opportunity to take a glass-bottom boat trip. This boat ride offers a unique perspective of the lake’s vibrant blue color and underwater world.

Seeing the lake’s stunning underwater scenery through the glass-bottom boat is an unforgettable experience that appeals to both children and adults.

As part of the entrance fee, boat trips are included, allowing you to enjoy it if you choose.

Tourists taking a boat ride on Lake Balusee

Picnic Spots

Fancy a picnic? Picture this: You, a basket of goodies, and endless natural beauty – a perfect match made for every outdoor enthusiast.

Lake Blausee offers a wide range of picnic and bonfire spots where visitors can relax and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. With plenty of picnic areas available throughout the park, you can choose from secluded spaces along the lake’s edge or more open areas close to the walking paths.

Many spots come equipped with fireplaces and a stock of firewood, so you can whip up a meal right there and bask in the glorious surroundings.


Every year, Blausee Naturpark hosts a variety of events that cater to visitors of all ages and interests. Among the highlights are the Children’s Openair Leukerbad, a family-friendly festival, and the Oberländisches Schwingfest, a traditional Swiss wrestling event.

FurthermoreIn 2023, the park will serve as the location for the Masters Trail-Running und Berglauf Europameisterschaften, a prestigious European trail-running championship.

There is always something to do in this stunning location… but what about food?

Children's festival in Lake Blausee.

Lake Blausee is a feast for the eyes, but what about your tummy? Don’t worry; this amazing little gem in Switzerland also boasts culinary delights and cozy places to rest.

Where Can You Eat & Sleep in Lake Blausee?

Let’s talk about the beautiful accommodation first.

Hotel and Spa

The Hotel & Spa Blausee is a charming establishment located directly at the lake’s edge, surrounded by a 22-hectare natural park. Guests can enjoy splendid views of the Bernese Alps and the illuminated lake at night.

The hotel offers various room options, including double rooms with mountain or lake views. All rooms come with free WiFi, bathrobes and slippers, and complimentary access to the Blausee Spa and Park. Moreover, the wellness area offers steam grotto, sauna, samarium, and bathtub garden.

Restaurant Blausee

The hotel’s on-site Restaurant Blausee invites guests to embark on a culinary voyage, offering a 13 Gault&Millau-point cuisine with seasonal, regional, and fresh ingredients.

The dining experience is enhanced by the stunning views of the lake, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for romantic dinners, family gatherings, or special events.

Organic Trout Farm

Lake Blausee is home to an organic trout farm, where trout are raised in crystal-clear waters. The farm follows strict ecological guidelines, ensuring the well-being of the fish and the preservation of the lake’s natural beauty.

The best thing? You can enjoy fresh trout delicacies in the hotel’s restaurant.

Trout farm at Lake Blausee

Local Restaurants

In addition to the Restaurant Blausee, the surrounding area offers a variety of local restaurants where visitors can indulge in Swiss culinary delights, such as cheese fondue or raclette. The region also boasts numerous local bakeries, chocolatiers, and wineries, offering a true taste of Switzerland.

Whether seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or a culinary adventure, Lake Blausee’s accommodation and dining options do not disappoint.

A close up shot of scrumptious cheese fondue at a restaurant near Blausee.

Craving a Festive Vibe? Lake Blausee Has You Covered

Fishing Event

Blausee organizes various fishing events for enthusiasts and curious alike throughout the year. Visitors can partake in catch-and-release sessions or fly fishing while enjoying the pristine surroundings of Blausee Park.

The fishing events provide an opportunity for participants to learn new skills or improve existing ones alongside expert guidance.

Fish swimming in the crystal-clear water of Lake Blausee

Open-Air Movies

During the summer season, Blausee hosts open-air movie nights where visitors can unwind under the stars. The movie selections encompass various genres, including romantic flicks, comedies, and family-friendly films.

These open-air movie nights make for a memorable evening in the enchanting environment of the Blausee Nature Park.


Blausee is a perfect venue for concerts and cultural events. Throughout the year, the park hosts a range of performances featuring local and international musicians, adding to the overall experience of visiting this picturesque site.

The idyllic setting of Blausee Park, combined with the magical aura of the lake, provides a unique and unforgettable backdrop for these events.


Looking to get married? The magical atmosphere, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and enchanting surroundings make Blausee an ideal location for fairy-tale weddings.

Couples seeking a romantic setting can choose to exchange their vows in a beautifully furnished Grand Hotel, followed by a reception amidst Blausee Park. With stunning views and mouth-watering culinary delights, the wedding guests are sure to be impressed.

Lake Blausee wedding venue

More information about weddings at Lake Blausee can be found here.

When to Visit Lake Blausee?

Opening Hours

Blausee is open year-round for visitors to enjoy the stunning lake and surrounding landscapes. The park’s opening hours vary by season:

  • Summer Season (April – October): 9 am – 9 pm
  • Winter Season (November – March): 10 am – 5 pm

Keep in mind that these hours may be subject to change on holidays or during special events.

I highly recommend checking out the Blausee website before you make your travel plans.

Winter in Lake Blausee with lots of snow

How Much Does it Cost to Enter Lake Blausee?

Visiting Lake Blausee in Switzerland requires purchasing an entrance ticket to the Blausee Nature Park. The entrance fee varies depending on the age of the visitor:

  • Adults: CHF 10 or 11.30USD
  • Children (6-15 years old): CHF 5 5.65usd
  • Children (0-5 years old): Free

These prices cover access to the park, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the boat trip on the lake.

Also, the prices will be about 10% cheaper in the winter or off-season.

Rules and Guidelines

Visitors are encouraged to respect the park’s rules and guidelines to ensure everyone has a positive experience and the natural environment remains protected:

  • No swimming or fishing in the lake
  • Dogs are allowed but must be leashed at all times
  • Do not litter; dispose of waste in designated bins
  • Stay on designated paths and refrain from disturbing wildlife
  • Observe any posted signs and follow instructions from park staff

Easy Access To This Stunning Alpine Lake

The park can be reached by train to nearby Kandergrund, followed by a short walk or bus ride to the park entrance. There is also ample parking for those arriving by car.

Within the park, there are paved pathways around the lake and throughout the area, making it suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. There are also accessible restrooms available for visitors with disabilities.

The park’s Hotel & Spa offers accommodations for guests who require additional accessibility features, ensuring everyone can enjoy the beauty of Lake Blausee and the surrounding park.

Additional Information

Contact Details

For inquiries or more information about Lake Blausee, you may reach out to the Blausee team through the following contact details:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach Blausee from Interlaken?

To reach Blausee from Interlaken, you can take a train to Kandersteg, which usually takes around 1.5 hours. After arriving in Kandersteg, you can take bus number 230 towards Kandergrund, and exit at the Blausee bus stop.

What is the entrance fee of Lake Blausee?

The entrance fee for Blausee varies depending on the season. During high season (April to October), the fee for adults is CHF 10, and for children (ages 6-15) it is CHF 5.

In low season (November to March), the fee for adults is CHF 8, and for children, it is CHF 4. For more details, visit the official Blausee Nature Park website.

Are there any webcams available?

Currently, there are no webcams available for Lake Blausee. However, you can find numerous stunning images and videos online that showcase the beauty of this mountain lake.

Can I fish in the Lake Blausee?

Fishing is not allowed in Lake Blausee due to the presence of an Alpine trout farm. The lake is highly protected, and visitors are encouraged to respect the environment and wildlife in the area.

What is the statue story of Lake Blausee?

The statue in Lake Blausee represents a legend about a young couple who fell in love near the lake. Tragically, the young woman died, and her grief-stricken lover drowned himself in the lake. The intense blue color of the water is said to result from her blue eyes. The statue serves as a testament to their eternal love.

What are the opening hours of Lake Blausee?

Lake Blausee is open every day of the year. The park surrounding the lake is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM during the high season (April to October) and from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the low season (November to March).

Final Thoughts

If you ask me, Lake Blausee is that down-to-earth beauty that doesn’t need a filter. With crystal clear water so blue it makes the sky look pale and forests that probably have fairies flitting around, it’s the kind of place that makes you wonder if you’ve accidentally wandered into an animated world of wonders.

And let’s be real, we all need that getaway that feels like a warm hug from Mother Nature herself. So, why not make it Lake Blausee? Imagine chilling by the lake, with the sound of leaves rustling like soft whispers and the water sparkling like a sea of diamonds.

This gem is the “reboot button” you didn’t know you needed – a magical retreat to remember for years to come.

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